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Name Title Ext Qualifications
Justin Hembree Executive Director 1105 bio
Danna Stansbury Deputy Executive Director 1120 bio
Christina Giles Communications and Administrative Services Coordinator 1110 bio
Zia Rifkin Administrative Support Specialist 1141 bio


Name Title Ext Qualifications
Vacant Finance Director 1158  
Arlene Wilson Grants Accounting Specialist 1159 bio
Rose Sabo Payroll Specialist 1259 bio
Wanda Clark Accounting Assistant 1170 bio

Area Agency on Aging

Name Title Ext Qualifications
LeeAnne Tucker Area Agency on Aging Director 1115 bio
Nancy Hogan Project C.A.R.E. Manager 1111 bio
Ruth Price Family Caregiver Specialist 1122 bio
Julia Gibson Regional Ombudsman 1119 bio
Carol Allison Regional Ombudsman 1109 bio
Cori Search Regional Ombudsman 1112 bio
Ann Whisenhunt Senior Companion Program Manager 1126 bio
Stacy Friesland Foster Grandparent Program Manager 1132 bio
Stephanie Stewart Aging Program Specialist, Health Promotion 1117 bio
Sherry Christenson Aging Program Specialist, Contracts 1114 bio
Pat Hilgendorf Caregiver Program Associate   bio
Linda Kendall Fields* Aging and Disabilities Program Specialist   bio
Ali Climo* Buncombe County Aging Plan Coordinator    

*Independent Contractor

Economic and Community Development

Name Title Ext Qualifications
Erica Anderson Economic and Community Development Director 1123 bio
Bill Eaker Senior Environmental Planner 1137 bio
Chris Dobbins* Fleet Services Consultant    
Lyuba Zuyeva French Broad River MPO Director 1139 bio
Tristan Winkler Transportation Planner, FBRMPO 1138 bio
Vicki Eastland RPO Coordinator 1134 bio
Jon Beck GIS Coordinator 1128 bio
Ritchie Rozzelle Regional Transportation Planner 1133 bio
Mary Roderick Regional Planner 1127 bio
Nick Kroncke Regional Planner 1134 bio
Adrienne Isenhower Regional Planner / Zoning Administrator 1131 bio
Sara Nichols Regional Planner 1130 bio
Vacant Regional Planner / Zoning Administrator 1231 bio
Tracy Wahl Brownfields Project Manager (NC DEQ Employee) 1151 bio

*WRP Employee

Transportation Resource Center

Name Title Ext Qualifications
Vicki Jennings Mountain Mobility Manager 1116 bio
Geri Ballew Mobility Specialist 1153 bio
Charlie Lee Senior Transit Program Assistant 1302 bio
Heather Roberts-VanSickle RIDE Program Coordinator 1150 bio
Deon Lytle NEMT Manager 1176 bio
Kim Ward NEMT Supervisor 1173 bio
Glenda Brown NEMT Specialist 1171 bio
Tequila Menken NEMT Specialist 1174 bio
LeChelle Fore NEMT Specialist 1177 bio
Zack Schmitt NEMT Specialist 1151 bio
Tanya Carver NEMT Specialist 1172 bio

NEMT is Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation for Buncombe County. The number to the call center is 828.552.5486.

Waste Reduction Partners (WRP)

Name Title Ext Qualifications
Terry Albrecht WRP Director (NC DEQ Employee) 1163 bio
Russ Jordan Energy Program Manager 1264 bio
Dee Hanak WRP Office Manager 1138 bio
Jan Foster Solid Waste Manager   bio
Tom Kimmell* Water Programs Manager    

*WRP Employee

Mountain Area Workforce Development Board

Name Title Ext Qualifications
Nathan Ramsey MAWDB Director 1161 bio
Melissa Wright Performance & Accountability Specialist 1140 bio
Barbara Darby Business Services Coordinator 1149 bio
Abigail Hickman Work-Based Learning Coordinator 1249 bio
Zia Rifkin MAWDB Support Specialist 1141 bio