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Jon Beck
GIS Planner

Recycling Education

Land of Sky provides resources to support recycling efforts and education. Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, and Transylvania Counties, the City of Asheville and Land of Sky partnered together to customize a van for the purpose of providing a mobile Recycling Education Vehicle (or REV, for short).  The REV can be used at schools, festivals and events to provide hands-on and video-based education to a variety of audiences. This flexible format allows for tailoring the content to fit the audience and venue.  The REV features two projection screens, a DVD player, and connections for a laptop. Wi-fi is available upon request. Contact Jon Beck or Annie Sarac for more information and to reserve the REV for your school, community or event.


Recycle City Dumptown Game

Dumptown is a game where you become the new City Manager and you'll see Dumptown at its worst — it's littered, polluted, and nothing is being recycled or reused. There are many trash cans and dumpsters, but no recycling bins. That means all of the trash is going right into the landfill just outside town, where it isn't doing anyone any good. In your new position, you can start programs that encourage Dumptown's citizens and businesses to recycle and reduce waste.

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