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Land of Sky Regional Council is a council of governments composed of city and county governments in four counties in western North Carolina. The Council serves as a regional planning agency for physical, human resources, and governmental services programs and may operate such programs as are assigned to it.

Opportunities exist to become involved with Land of Sky Regional Council range from employment to to volunteer to requests for proposals (RFPs) and grants. LOSRC is an Equal Opportunity employer. Minimum qualifications may include education, training, experience, license or certification, minimum age requirements etc. Please reference these pages often for periodic updates.

LOS employees are committed to:

  • Treating people with dignity, respect and compassion to foster trusting and supportive working environment;
  • Honest, open and clear communication;
  • Respect for diversity of opinion;
  • A culture of personal responsibility with an appreciation for risk taking;
  • Holding ourselves accountable to our co-workers, member governments, funders and clients;
  • And developing and implementing policies and procedures that are fair, consistent and equitable.

Persons with professional experience, education and background are encouraged to apply for staff positions. Land of Sky Regional Council is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer.