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Land of Sky Community Resource Connections for Aging & Disabilities
Website - www.crclandofsky.org

The Land of Sky Community Resource Connections (CRC) is part of a federal and state initiative to reduce the confusion that many have experienced in trying to find services, often resulting in making multiple telephone calls before finding help. Through formal agreements made with key aging and disability partners throughout Buncombe, Henderson, Madison and Transylvania Counties, the Land-of-Sky CRC offers a streamlined approach to accessing services.

Core functions of the CRC include:

• Information and Assistance
• Options Counseling
• Transitions partnership with hospitals and nursing facilities

How do people contact the CRC? There is more than one way to access the system. If someone does not know where to start, a call to United Way's 2-1-1 system will result in an appropriate, personalized transfer to the best agency for the caller. Callers may also contact their local agency directly. Key organizations in the collaboration include: The Council on Aging of Buncombe County, The Council on Aging for Henderson County, Madison County Department of Community Services, Western Highlands ACCESS, and Disability Partners.

Local Contact Agency (LCA)

What is the Local Contact Agency (LCA)?

The Local Contact Agency is responsible for working with the resident and Nursing Home Staff to discuss options for transitioning to the community by offering contact information for community based services that may facilitate transition once a resident indicates interest in learning more about transitioning home during their assessment (MDS 3.0)

Who is my LCA?

Land of Sky Regional Council’s Area Agency on Aging is the Local Contact Agency for Region B which includes the following counties:

What does the Local Contact Agency (LCA) do?

  • Uses a team approach to transition planning by working with the resident, the Nursing Home Staff and those who support the resident (family or friends)
  • Meets with the resident to provide facility based options counseling and to discuss the feasibility of transition
  • Collaborates with the resident and Nursing Home Staff to incorporate independent living skills into the resident’s care plan
  • Shares information and assists with identifying community based resources needed for a safe and successful transition
  • Provides follow-up with the resident and staff on the resident’s progress leading up to the transition process