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Aging Related Training

Sensitivity Training

Older adults tend to have slow movements, misinterpretation of directions and have accidents in unfamiliar environments. Sensitivity training is an opportunity to enhance awareness of the needs of adults adults. The training leads to a better understanding of the significance of mental changes in the older adults of our sensitivity trainingcommunity.

You will discover the challenges that are present when suffering from Glaucoma, stroke, Cataracts, and much more. For more information or to schedule a training contact one of the Regional Ombudsmen:

Ruth Price - Lead Regional Ombudsman
Julia Gibson - Senior Regional Ombudsman
Turkessa Baten - Associate Regional Ombudsman

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is based on the philosophy of “acting happiness” – tell your body what to do and your mind will follow. It is a physically-oriented exercise routine, not a mental process; therefore, anyone can laugh without using jokes, humor or comedy. Laughter Yoga follows a series of simple, yet structured laughter and yogic breathing techniques, combined with simple stretching. Laughter Yoga is very different from the yoga of meditation and yoga postures. It has no pretzel positions, needs no special clothes or training. You don’t even have to be feeling happy or in a good mood, just be laughter yogaprepared to laugh. The results are instant --- you feel the full benefits from your first Laughter Yoga session.

To have a Laughter Yoga session for a community group, has part of an event, or at a meeting, contact one of our Certified Laughter Leaders:

Carol McLimans, Family Caregiver Specialist
Nancy Hogan, Project C.A.R.E. Family Consultant - WNC