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LOSRPO Prioritization

The NCDOT’s Strategic Planning Office of Transportation (SPOT) has been tasked with carrying out the project evaluation process outlined in the SL 2013-84 legislation enacted on June 26, 2013. One of the most significant tasks that must be accomplished by each MPO/RPO and NCDOT Division Office is to create a methodology that explains how the MPO/RPO/Division Office will allocate the eligible local input points assigned to projects (of all modes) in the prioritization database.

As stipulated by the STI legislation, local points may be assigned to projects in the Regional Impact and Division Needs categories, but not the Statewide Mobility category. The Land of Sky Rural Planning Organization (LOSRPO) may allocate the following number of local points for projects in the eligible categories:

  • 1100 points – Regional Impact projects
  • 1100 points – Division Needs projects

A committee of TCC members was created to develop a local input point methodology. The contents of this memorandum describe the methodology developed by the committee, which the LOSRPO proposes to use to allocate its local input points. NCDOT requires that the methodology include the following components:

  • A minimum of one quantitative criteria
  • A minimum of one qualitative criteria
  • Public involvement (on the proposed methodology, and the preliminary assignment of local input points to projects based on the approved methodology) (on both methodology and preliminary assignment of points to projects based on the methodology
  • RPO SPOT MapDissemination of methodology, local points and public input on LOSRPO’s website (www.landofskyrpo.org)

The Prioritization 4.0 Draft Methodology below details the proposed methodology, the public involvement process, and the next steps/timeline.

Division Needs Transportation Projects - Land of Sky RPO Public Input Survey

DRAFT LOSRPO Division Needs Local Points Allocation - Public Input will begin the week of September 19 and the public hearing will be on October 26 at the TAC Meeting.

Regional Impact Roadways Projects - Land of Sky RPO Public Input Survey

Previous Prioritization Methodology

Bicycle or Pedestrian Project