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Ruth Price
Regional Ombudsman
Buncombe & Madison

Julia Gibson
Regional Ombudsman

Carol Allison
Regional Ombudsman
Henderson & Transylvania


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Buncombe County Nursing Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
Asheland Ridge Health Center Feb|May|Aug Feb|May|Aug|Nov Jan|May|Aug|Nov
Asheville Health Care Center Feb|May|Aug March|June|Aug|Nov Feb|May|Aug|Dec
Aston Park Health Care Center March|May March|May|Aug|Nov Feb|May|July|Nov
Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center   March|May|Dec March|June|Sept|Dec
Brian Center Health and Rehab / Weaverville June Feb|June|Sept|Nov Jan|May|Aug|Dec
Brooks-Howell Home Feb|May Feb|June|Sept|Nov March|May|July|Nov
Complete Care at Asheville June Feb|June|Sept|Nov Feb|April|Aug|Nov
Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community Feb|May June|Aug|Nov March|June|Sept
Emerald Ridge Rehab and Care Center May Feb|June|Sept|Nov Jan|May|Aug|Dec
Flesher's Fairview Health Care Center Feb|May March|June|Aug|Nov Feb|May|Aug|Dec
Givens Health Center Feb|March|May March|June|Aug|Oct March|June|Sept|Dec
Givens Highland Farms May|Aug Feb|May|Aug|Dec March|May|Sept|Dec
The Laurels of GreenTree Ridge Feb|May June|Aug|Nov Feb|May|Aug|Dec
The Laurels of Summit Ridge Feb|May|Aug March|June|Aug Feb|May|Aug
Mountain Ridge Wellness Center March|May|Aug Feb|May|Aug
NC State Veterans Nursing Home March|May|Aug March|May|Aug|Nov March|May|Sept|Dec
The Oaks at Sweeten Creek March|May June|Oct|Aug March|June|Aug|Nov
Pisgah Manor Health Care Center Feb|May March|May|Aug|Nov Feb|May|July|Nov
StoneCreek Health and Rehab Feb|May|Aug Feb|May|Aug|Nov Jan|May|Aug|Nov
WNC Baptist Home Feb|May|Aug Feb|May|Aug|Dec Jan|May|July|Dec

Buncombe County Adult Care Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
Arbor Terrace of Asheville Feb|May March|June|Oct|Nov March|June|Sept|Nov
Becky's Rest Home 1 Jan|April March|May|Oct June|Aug|Oct
Becky's Rest Home 2 Jan|April March|May|Oct June|Aug|Oct
Brookdale Asheville Overlook Feb|May|Aug Feb|May|Sept|Dec March|June|Sept|Nov
Brookdale Walden Ridge Feb|Aug March|June|Oct|Dec March|June|Sept
Candler Living Center Jan March|June|Sep
Chase Samaritan Assisted Living March1|March2| Feb|Sept|Dec March|May|Aug
Chunn's Cove of Asheville Jan|April March|May|Oct June|Aug|Oct
Flesher's Fairview Rest Home April May|Oct June|Aug|Oct
Givens Estates / Richard A. Wood   June|Oct|Nov March|June
Heather Glen at Ardenwoods May Feb|May|Sep|Dec March|June|Sept
Hominy Valley Retirement Center April|July Feb|June|Sept
Marjorie McCune Memorial Center March|June Feb|May|Sept|Dec March|May|Aug
Nana's Assisted Living Facility March|June Feb|Sept|Dec March|May|Aug|Nov
Richmond Hills Rest Home 1 March|July Sept Jan|Nov
Richmond Hills Rest Home 2 March|July March|Sept|Nov Jan|May|Nov
Richmond Hills Rest Home 3 March|May|July Sept Jan|May
Richmond Hills Rest Home 4 March|May|July March|Sept|Nov Jan|Aug
Richmond Hills Rest Home 5 March|April|July March|Sept Jan|June|Aug|Nov
The Crossings at Reynolds Mountain April|July Sept|Nov  
Trinity View Feb|Aug Feb|March|Sept
Windwood Rest Home Jan|May|Aug Feb|Aug|Nov March|May|Aug|Nov

Buncombe County Family Care Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
Alverta Bolick Home Feb Aug  
Angel House 1-7 1|2|3|4|5|6|7 1|2|3|4|5|6|7 1|2|3|4|5|6|7
Deaverview Heights Family Care Home Feb April April
Evergreen Living 1-3, 10-13 1|2|3|10|11|12|13 1|2|10|11|12|13 12|3|10|11|12|13
Fairview Family Care 1-4 1|2|3|4 1|2|3|4 1|2|3|4
Golden Brook Assisted Living March Aug July
Haywood Heights Family Care Home May Oct Oct
Heart and Hearth May Aug July
Holmes Family Care Home May July June
JoAnn's Family Care Home   Aug Jan
Knob Hill Family Care Home      
Leicester Heights Family Care May March|Aug May
Liberty Oaks 1-2   1|2 1|2
Mayflower Senior Care   Sept Sept
Millbrook Family Care Home     Oct
Mountain Valley Retirement Home     Sept
Mt. Pisgah Family Care Home      
North Ridge Assisted LIving 1-5 2|3|4   1| 2|3|4
Nov 1|2|3|4
Plemmons Family Care 1-2 Feb July 1|2|1-July|2-July
Redememed Family Care Home of Leiceseter   Nov  
Riverside Village Homes G-J   G|H|I|J  
Serenity Heart Family Care Home 230-235   231|232|234|232
Smith Street Village 30|36|94 94  
Soundview Assisted Living 1,2,4   2 1|4
Soundview Family Care Home G-J     G|H|I|J
St. Mary Rosa's Family Care Home   July June
Westside Assisted Living A-B May A A|B
White Fawn Family Care Home May   July|Aug
Woodland Terrace 1-7 2|3|4|5|6|7 2|3|4|5|6|7 1|4|6|3|5|7

Henderson County Nursing Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
Blue Ridge Health and Rehab Center March|June Feb|June|Sept Jan|May|July|Nov
Brian Center Health and Rehab / Hendersonville June March|June1
Carolina Village June Feb|Dec Jan|Nov
Hendersonville Health and Rehab   Sept|Nov June
The Laurels of Hendersonville Jan|June March|July|Sept
Life Care Center of Hendersonville Feb Feb|May|Aug|Nov May|Aug|Sept|Nov
The Lodge at Mills River Jan|April|July Jan|April|July Jan|April|July
Mountain Home Health and Rehab Jan|April|July Jan|April|July
Universal Health Care / Fletcher Jan|April Jan|April|July

Henderson County Adult Care Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
Blue Ridge Retirement April|Aug Feb|Aug|Nov May|Oct
Brookdale Heritage Circle   Jan|April|July Feb|July
Cardinal Care Center / Hendersonville Feb|May Feb|Aug|Nov


Carillon Assisted LIving of Hendersonville Feb|May Feb|May|Aug|Nov May|Oct
Carolina Reserve of Hendersonville Feb Jan|June|Aug May
Carolina Reserve Laurel Park Feb|June Jan|May May
Carolina Village March|June May|July|Sept Jan|Aug
Cherry Springs Village Jan March|July June|Sept|Dec
Country Meadows Rest Home   Feb|Nov July
Henderson's Assisted Living Jan|April April Jan|May
McCullough's Rest Home Feb|May March|July June|Oct|Dec
Mountain View Assisted Living Jan1|Jan2|Feb|April April|July Jan|May|Dec
Pacifica Heritage Hills Jan|April    
Winchester House 1-2      

Henderson County Family Care Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
Country Meadow Family Care Home May   Jan|April
Fletcher View Inn May Aug Jan|June|Sept|Nov
Just in Time Family Care Home 1-2 1|2 1|2 April|Aug
Kay Family Care Home March|June March|June|Sept|Dec June|Sept|Dec
Moniscare March|June    
Soundview Assisted Living #3   Feb  
Soundview Family Care Home A-F, M-O   A|A|F|G|O  
Sunflowers Homes   March|June  
Tore's Home Feb|May|July Jan  
Willow Spring Assisted Living #2 May May Jan

Madison County Nursing Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
Elderberry Health Care   Jan|Aug Jan|Aug
Madison Health and Rehabilitation   May|Nov March|Oct

Madison County Adult Care Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
Mars Hill Retirement Community   Nov March

Madison County Family Care Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
  • Hot Springs Family Care Home1-2
  1|2 1|2
Mintz Care Home 1-5 4|5|Jan



Transylvania County Nursing Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
Brian Center Health and Rehab / Brevard Feb|May June|Sept|Nov June|Sept
The Oaks / Brevard Feb|May Feb|Sept May|Nov
Transylvania Regional Hospital, Transitional Care Unit March|June March May|Aug|Dec

Transylvania County Adult Care Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
Cedar Mountain House June|Aug Feb|May|Sept May|Aug
Kingsbridge House March|June March|June|Aug June|Aug|Dec

Transylvania County Family Care Homes

Facility 2017 2016 2015
Tore's Home 1-3,7 1|7|2 1|2|3|7 2|7|1|3